The Boudicca Memorial .




Currently being worked in my workshop.

The Boudicca project  has been long in the coming.

I have the time , which runs out fast and so this at least I can leave behind.

I am indigenous British , In Britain today this is almost an illegal statement .

The bosses , the owners of Blighty will have nothing of national sentiment nor cultural  pride.

Of course they started that long ago .

Boudicca , I shall keep the spelling , like it or no , was a warrior queen , who upset the Roman occupiers and in so doing destroyed herself and her family .

But she and her daughters live on forever as cultural memories.

The Romans feared her , as did other tribes in the islands . Britain was always at war with itself and so was easily taken and is now again occupied land .

From Aberdeen to the last rocks of Cornwall . And  across all of Ireland.


The image of Boudicca is made of crushed soap stone laid into a man-made resin . The dried product is similar in working to soap stone or Alabaster .

The case is mahogany , dyed ( not stained , ) and painted. The backer board is Baltic ply which I used for stability . It should last well , indoors and away from heat cold and damp. I rarely use Plywood in my work , but in this case I wanted a board that would not warp while holding the portrait.

Version 2

Version 2

Currently the table  is being decorated , the gesso being applied first . After that a design will be painted onto the gesso laid on the mahogany.


The wood is lacquered where it is black . About thirty coats .

A few months perhaps before she is ready for sale.


She is in her second year now .

  • Dedication to Elizabeth .



This is the device sketch I shall use , almost finished . I decided the Celtic knot was more to my liking .This will allow metal leaf and some deep magenta and red.

This device and drawing are copyrighted .



Above the first color sketch for the device . The next step is to adjust the knotwork and make a decision as to how to apply w=the device to the gesso. I can use India ink , oil or Acrylic.

My preference are in that order.

But first a paper model will be made . Following.

The Queen of Hearts Pub sign.


This is a pub sign. Indoors for an English pub.

Halfway there , mounting the main piece and preparing to make a small cabinet and the lettering for the sign .

The portrait is life size.

The frock and head covering / hair , is incomplete .

All wood. But not build for exterior display.



Mixed wood types.Basswood.Pine Mahogany. Fruitwood.

Mounted on stable plywood platform.



Once the cabinet is made then the carving will be gessoed and painted.

How I work With Galleries and buyers.


The payment is always in cash . U S Dollars . Either to my hand in bills or :

The transaction  , in the case of small pieces which can be shipped such as 1:12 figurines and graphic works , must be via pay pal. Or a similar handler.

You pay me , this is in escrow until you receive the purchase. I take the payment at that time.

I NEVER sell without the money in my bank/pay pal account/ hand.

I never ship or deliver until I am paid.

The buyer pays the shipping cost.

There are NO Returns. This is art workshop  and not Sears or Walmart.



I never pay to show my work .

Should a gallery want to show my work , they take a percentage of the price once they make a sale and the  deal is done.

That is the gallery payment. No other payment will be made to a gallery other than the monies gathered as a percentage of the price.

The Gallery is responsible for any damage done to the work and must pay for the reworking or repair.

The gallery will responsible for delivery to a buyer , unless a written agreement is made.

The garden and conservatory Plasters .

These are sold from my house at thirty ( unmounted ) to sixty dollars ( mounted .)

There are concrete versions .


All sales are final.

All sales are done in cash  bills.

No credit cards.

No Returns for any reason.


I do not participate in craft fairs or Maker fairs.







Victorian plasters. Pub signs. Available in the Milwaukee , Wisconsin area.

This is the home of my plaster work. Each image sees no more than ten impressions.


DSCN0123 (1)


Common Plaster on wood. Oil paint . Very heavy , has new wall bracket affixed to rear.


About ten years old. It was in  the back of the shop and I forgot to put it up for sale.

It would not survive exterior ( outdoor ) placement.

For sale.


It is very heavy. Standard behind the bar Pub art.

A Chart Table .

Designed for the standing worker , this table is pine and mahogany . Started Spring 2018.DSCN0096




Currently the top is being given a beaded edge and the carving is being completed in situ.



This project will be updated as time permits.

Fancy Jewelry Box .Art Deco. 2017 2018.

A young Girl descending stairs. A set of jewelry boxes. 2016-2018.


Art deco . In its second year now .  The flesh is mostly complete .

Mahogany , Pine and Brass. Stone Powder in resin , carved.

Decorative stand with three small boxes.

Almost fifteen inches tall.


Status. The  varnish is now being cleaned up and finished.

The drapery is still being worked.

The rear drapery still incomplete.

The cloth folds are being finished currently.  DSCN0043


Version 2




This will be updated as the work progresses.