How I work With Galleries and buyers.


The payment is always in cash . U S Dollars . Either to my hand in bills or :

The transaction  , in the case of small pieces which can be shipped such as 1:12 figurines and graphic works , must be via pay pal. Or a similar handler.

You pay me , this is in escrow until you receive the purchase. I take the payment at that time.

I NEVER sell without the money in my bank/pay pal account/ hand.

I never ship or deliver until I am paid.

The buyer pays the shipping cost.

There are NO Returns. This is art workshop  and not Sears or Walmart.



I never pay to show my work .

Should a gallery want to show my work , they take a percentage of the price once they make a sale and the  deal is done.

That is the gallery payment. No other payment will be made to a gallery other than the monies gathered as a percentage of the price.

The Gallery is responsible for any damage done to the work and must pay for the reworking or repair.

The gallery will responsible for delivery to a buyer , unless a written agreement is made.

The garden and conservatory Plasters .

These are sold from my house at thirty ( unmounted ) to sixty dollars ( mounted .)

There are concrete versions .


All sales are final.

All sales are done in cash  bills.

No credit cards.

No Returns for any reason.







The twelve inch figurines . #1 The Knocker upper.

This is coming up to be finished soon.In the fashion of ceramics of the period. As always there is only one of these .


I am reworking the portrait currently.

About two pounds in weight.


These are shots of the knocker upper ( google ) who worked a North Eastern City in England. Late 1890’s through early 1900’s.

The Knocker uppers were usually women , sometimes men who worked as human alarm clocks for the shift workers in the ship yards, mills and mines.

Aves ( pulverized stone and Resin , carved .)   Acrylic paint on aluminum interior and mahogany base.