A Chart Table .

Designed for the standing worker , this table is pine and mahogany . Started Spring 2018.DSCN0096




Currently the top is being given a beaded edge and the carving is being completed in situ.



This project will be updated as time permits.

Fancy Jewelry Box .Art Deco. 2017 2018.

A young Girl descending stairs. A set of jewelry boxes. 2016-2018.


Art deco . In its second year now .  The flesh is mostly complete .

Mahogany , Pine and Brass. Stone Powder in resin , carved.

Decorative stand with three small boxes.

Almost fifteen inches tall.


Status. The  varnish is now being cleaned up and finished.

The drapery is still being worked.

The rear drapery still incomplete.

The cloth folds are being finished currently.  DSCN0043


Version 2




This will be updated as the work progresses.