The Queen of Hearts Pub sign.


This is a pub sign. Indoors for an English pub.

Halfway there , mounting the main piece and preparing to make a small cabinet and the lettering for the sign .

The portrait is life size.

The frock and head covering / hair , is incomplete .

All wood. But not build for exterior display.



Mixed wood types.Basswood.Pine Mahogany. Fruitwood.

Mounted on stable plywood platform.



Once the cabinet is made then the carving will be gessoed and painted.

Victorian plasters. Pub signs. Available in the Milwaukee , Wisconsin area.

This is the home of my plaster work. Each image sees no more than ten impressions.


DSCN0123 (1)


Common Plaster on wood. Oil paint . Very heavy , has new wall bracket affixed to rear.


About ten years old. It was inĀ  the back of the shop and I forgot to put it up for sale.

It would not survive exterior ( outdoor ) placement.

For sale.


It is very heavy. Standard behind the bar Pub art.